markodok (marko the nyodok)

yes, this is another our (the marko’s) activities. Some of markoJoS (Marko Job Seekers) that not have any something to doing, at Saturday is playing pool at Hanggar pool center Djogkarta. But only 3 masketer of the marko’s that do this, the other is sick and so on, so just me, yudi and kuya.

Play start at 2pm, the fee is 25.000 rupiahs for 3 hour’s, is cheap right?. Play 9 bals and 8 bals. And this is the some of video.

Ok, that’s enaught for now, just testing for Youtube, I’m newbie.. hehe. And I’m sorry for the my munyux english language.

peace without war

markodok (marko the nyodok)

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